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  • Susan Russell

Bring Your Own Containers

Love take-out, but don’t like contributing to our enormous waste problem? ACES has a Solution: Bring Your Own Containers (BYOC). The group is working on an initiative for restaurants in the East Aurora community to participate.

Many residents in our community ask us if there’s a way to identify local restaurants that allow customers to bring their own refillable cups, reusable cutlery, containers or straws, along with other “green” practices.

East Aurora already has 10 establishments signed up and more are expressing interest! (Click here for an up-to-date list.) With our new window decal as a fun visual guide, restaurants can now easily be identified as BYOC participants. The ACES social media account(s) and website will also provide extra publicity, not just for the BYOC program, but also any additional environment-friendly practices.

BYOC is compliant with New York State and the Erie County Health Departments. When ordering take-out, customers indicate they will bring their own containers. Restaurants then present food on a serving plate and customers place items in their own containers.

Servers will not touch the foot and there are no throw-away containers. A win-win!

Look for the ACES Sticker at participating restaurants.

Businesses that allow this service help reduce waste, especially plastic waste, and other single use disposable products. This reduces the harm of waste generated pollution and the acceleration of Climate Change.

If you would like to participate in this promotion, please contact Jeannet de Jong at

Please share with us any or all of the following:

1: Will you participate in the BYOC program? If so, we will happily provide you with our new window decal currently in production at Martyn Printing.

2: Are there other environmental practices in your business that you are proud of? Let us know! We hope to hear from you soon.


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