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  • Susan Russell

'Tis the Season!

'Tis the holiday season

And out everywhere

Aurorans are planning

Festivities with care

Balsam and holly

Decorations abound

Glad songs as carolers

Ring out the sound

Scent of sweet spices

Waft from bakery shops

With home-cooks competing

As they “pull out all stops”

After filling food boxes

Sending greetings with mirth

Aurorans are asking

“Can I help Mother Earth​?”

To make greatest impact

We must ALL do our part

To help Mother Earth

NOW’s the Best Time to Start

When Girl Scouts were caroling

At Vidler’s in ‘72

Ed had an idea, said

“I know what we’ll do!”

For Holiday Season

We’ll have “Carolcade”

A singing event

Not just a parade

Families started coming

With children and pets

Let’s sing again next year!

“Oh, let’s do it! Let’s!”

T’was the night before Carolcade

And as children looked up

Ed Vidler was calling

“Bring Your Own Cup!”

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