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Win! Win! Win!

It’s a win for Aurora businesses! Win for charity! Win for the environment!

East Aurora businesses now have the opportunity to have their bottles and cans picked up at no cost, if a minimum number enroll in the program. With enough interest from a few local businesses, this will make the Town of Aurora more Earth-friendly. Hamburg Cans and Bottles picks up recyclables for Zero charge and gives the deposit money back to the business, to keep, or donate to a charity.

ACES member, Sue Russell is reaching out to local businesses gathering interest. With enough interest from a few local businesses, thiis will make the Town of Aurora more Earth-friendly.

Economic and environmental benefits result when local businesses participate in bottle and aluminum can redemption programs in Western New York.

Additional bottles, such as wine, iced tea, and juice bottles will have a deposit if the New York State Legislature passes the Packaging Reduction and Recycling Act and the new Bottle Bill.

Please contact your NY Senator and Assemblyman, urging them to pass these bills immediately!

As America’s 54th Earth Day approaches, this is a clear opportunity for businesses, who sometimes dispose recyclables as trash, due to time, storage constraints, and additional charges.

ACES, Aurorans for Climate and Environmental Sense has long advocated for local beneficial programs, including the reduction of single-use plastic, through their “Bring Your Own Container” campaign. “BYOC” aims to reduce the pollution created when containers, particularly from take-out, drink and grab-and go food purchases, are thrown out.

ACES volunteers also conduct container recycling at community events, including the “Taste of Aurora” that divert bottles and cans from garbage bins to our town’s recycling program.

It should be noted that ACES is not benefiting financially by promoting container redemption services.

There are great recycling solutions and opportunities for local businesses to receive the deposit dollars. For more information on container redemption in our area, please email

-By Michelle Bjella

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